Bread and Economy

European Bakery Ingredients Sectors' Data 


The bread & pastry ingredients industry (the companies Fedima represents) generates a turnover of over 5 billion EUR per year, contributing significantly to the economic development of European countries. Overall, companies represented by Fedima’s members employ nearly 24,000 people across Europe.


More details can be found in FEDIMA’s Annual Report.


European Flour Millers’ Data


The European flour milling industry employs over 45 000 people and 350 000 indirect labour at European farm level for a yearly turnover of around 15 billion Euro. It is the leading food industry in grain processing, using around 47 million tonnes of common wheat, rye and oats a year to produce around 35 million tonnes of flour on an annual basis.


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European Yeast Sectors’ Data


With 33 factories scattered through the European Union, one million tons of yeast produce each year and more than 30% of the production exported outside Europe, the European yeast industry is an important player of the European food industry.


Yeast is a natural living micro-organism used in many traditional fermented food and drink products (bread, wine, beer) and more recently in human and animal health (probiotics). No yeast, no bread!



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