bread and economy

Given its cultural aspect, bread represents a strong economic sector in Europe. Source of diverse jobs, the bread production highlights a value creation chain that has to be visible throughout our societies. Read more ...

bread and health

Bread is an important foodstuff in everyday life. A healthy, balanced diet is the foundation of good health, and bread is part of a healthy lifestyle, but the consumption of bread has been declining across the EU in the recent years. Read more ...

bread and heritage

“Everyone has always known periods when the bread always falls on the buttered side”. “Man cannot live by bread alone”, even if we can “break bread”… These expressions, using the word bread, are written in English. But their meaning has no language ... Read more ...

Who are we ?

Five European trade associations combined in Brussels to form a bread initiative. The members are AIBI, CEBP, COFALEC, European Flour Millers and Fedima. The platform is open to other associations of the bread value chain. 

The aim of the is to improve bread's image and to emphasize both its health value and the European cultural heritage associated with this product.

At the same time, we want to demonstrate to European consumers the economic importance of the industrial sectors linked to bread.